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Photo Friday: Fort Reno Snow Day

Today is a gorgeous sunny day following yesterday’s snow storm. So where else would we be other than Fort Reno for some glorious snow day sledding? Locals know it has the best hill in the city, and it even made Curbed DC’s top ten list. Plenty of neighborhood kids came out with all manor of saucers, bright plastic sleds, and

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Photo Friday: Mini-Circles Protest

After a recent post on this website, opponents of the mini-circles on 42nd Street renewed their campaign for the removal of the neighborhood traffic circles, including starting a petition and posting yard signs protesting the circles. This week’s Photo Friday features images of the new yard signs demonstrating residents’ opposition.

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Photo Friday: Signs of Summer

Snow dragging into April. Wet dreary days. And then at last a gorgeous, sunny May day with temperatures reaching into the mid-80s. The end of school and summer feel like they are right around the corner. And the Good Humor Man is there with his Pied Piper’s song. He might be rushing the season a little bit, but who could blame

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