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Kitty O’Sheas Revisited – A Good Irish Pub in the Making

Readers of my initial review of Kitty O’Sheas last month may recall that I promised to give our neighborhood Irish pub another chance after a mediocre brunch experience.  Twitter followers, and my husband, urged me to stick with more standard fare of burgers and sandwiches, assuring me that I would not be disappointed.  This Sunday I decided to give it another

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Restaurant Review: Kitty O’Sheas

Kitty O’Sheas 4624 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, DC http://www.claros-group.com/kittys/ I so wanted to like Kitty O’Sheas, Tenleytown’s own Irish pub and eatery. The idea of a small, friendly neighborhood watering hole seems perfect for this community, and the kind of place I’d like to frequent. Walking in the door over the Labor Day weekend for a mid-afternoon brunch, a friendly

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