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Photo Friday: Fort Reno Snow Day

Today is a gorgeous sunny day following yesterday’s snow storm. So where else would we be other than Fort Reno for some glorious snow day sledding? Locals know it has the best hill in the city, and it even made Curbed DC’s top ten list. Plenty of neighborhood kids came out with all manor of saucers, bright plastic sleds, and

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Snow? Again?!?

Don’t put those snow shovels away just yet, Tenleytown. The latest forecast for Sunday afternoon into early Monday morning predicts around 2 inches of snow to fall in the District, with a chance for up to 6 inches. The Department of Public Works announced that the District Snow Team would go into “full deployment” on Sunday. Residents are encouraged to

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Photo Friday: Signs of Spring

Let’s face it. It has been one long, cold winter. Polar vortex, Snochi and a March (!) snowstorm have left us all craving daffodils, cherry blossoms and songbirds. With so much snow still on the ground, spring might seem like an impossibility. So I thought I’d share with you one sign of spring that emerged in one Tenleytown garden even

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