Anne Wallace – Candidate for ANC 3E-01

Anne WallaceAnne Wallace
4101 Albemarle Street, NW

Originally from New York City, Anne Wallace moved to Tenleytown in February 2013. However, she is no stranger to the area, having previously lived on Massachusetts Avenue following law school. For many years she also lived in McLean where she raised her two daughters.

She holds her undergraduate degree from Fordham University and law degree from Boston University. During her extensive career, Wallace has practiced financial services law in the federal government, as corporate counsel, and in private practice. She currently serves as the Senior Director of Consumer Financial Services at the Financial Services Roundtable. She is a member of the American Bar Association’s Banking Law Committee and Consumer Financial Services Committee.

Her partner, John Sweeney, is also a lawyer. Wallace’s two daughters live in Atlanta and Philadelphia, while Sweeney has a son and a daughter who live in the DC area.

Tenleytown, D.C.: Why are you running for office?

Anne Wallace: I am running because I love my neighborhood, which combines the energy of city life with small-town friendliness and charm. Tenleytown is a vibrant and diverse community and has the potential to be even better. I welcome the opportunity to use my personal and professional skills to help D.C. grow in a responsible, positive way.

Tenleytown, D.C.: What changes would you like to see during the next ANC3E term?

Anne Wallace: I want to ensure the availability of essential services, such as affordable food shopping. I would like to see more commercial options including restaurants and specialty merchants to serve the needs to residents and visitors. Another important focus is fostering a strong sense of place to connect key elements of the community – schools, residences, merchants and transportation – in an attractive, safe and pedestrian-friendly landscape. A good example is improving the appearance and functionality of the Metro station and the plaza on the east side of Wisconsin Avenue.

Tenleytown, D.C.: What is your vision for this community over the next 5 years?

Anne Wallace: My vision is for a strong and sustainable Wisconsin Avenue corridor with mixed residential and commercial growth near Metro stations and bus stops.  As we grow, we need to preserve affordable housing options and find creative solutions to manage vehicle traffic and ensure pedestrian safety.

To me, one of the most attractive features of Tenleytown/AU Park is its demographic diversity. I want to live in a community that welcomes and works for the young, the old and everyone in between.

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